Baby point

Hawaii Beach offers services for babies and children to ensure that their parents and their young guests have a fun, peaceful and safe stay:

Baby Point

Protected playground space reserved for children.

Baby Point

Services for newborns.

Baby Point

Deposit to keep the toys safe.

Follonica is among the 136 Italian beaches awarded with the GREEN FLAG, a recognition born from a research carried out by more than 2000 Italian pediatricians who annually identify the Italian seaside resorts safer for children.

Pediatricians take more parameters into consideration, basing their choice above all on environmental suitability for families and children.

Clear and shallow water near the shore, sand for towers and castles, lifeguards and lifeboats, games, spaces for changing nappies or breastfeeding, and nearby ice-cream parlors and restaurants: these are the characteristics that distinguish a seaside resort in child-friendly, tourist destinations where the little ones can play, have fun safely and stay with their parents.

Bandiera Verde

Symbol of the Green Flag

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